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Sleek amenities and gracious building facilities are just some of the things that make Kroma Tower a sought-after property in Makati CBD. For starters, residents are assured of their safety with the tower’s 24-hour security services. Each unit also has a fire detection, alarm, and sprinkler system installed. Kroma Tower also implements a key card building access for optimum security.

Living in the Kroma Tower is convenient because of its centralized sanitary disposal system. It is built with a materials recovery facility, as well as  a water reservoir that has its own fire reserves. In case of power outage, all the common areas of the building has a 100% back-up power.

Other building facilities that make a unit owner’s life comfortable are the vehicle drop-off area, which allows residents to conveniently park their cars without walking back to the main door; a smartly designed reception lobby where residents and their guests could hang out; and a mail room that organizes all letters and packages left for residents.

Aside from state-of-the-art facilities, Kroma Tower has impressive amenities that residents can use whenever they desire. It has a fully equipped gym to provide for the fitness needs of the residents and their guests; a lavish restaurant-like function room that can hold any type of gathering, meeting, or celebration; and a covered Al Fresco lounge for those niceties, socials, and formalities with acquaintances and friends.

There are two pools in Kroma Tower, one is for kids and the other is for adults. There’s a pool deck in the area, as well as male and female changing rooms. The beautiful indoor architecture of the pool lounge gives the guests and residents of Kroma Tower a wonderful staycation at any time of the day, week, or month. It makes lounging in the pool is a wonderful experience every time.

Aside from the pools, two of the major attractions of Kroma Tower are the Enterprise Lounge and the roof deck. The enterprise lounge is nestled way up the 52th floor, which gives one a spectacular view of the city. It boasts of comfy couches, bar stools, and full bar where one can enjoy a drink or two with business associates and friends. The area also boasts of outdoor lush greens. The roof deck offers almost the same experience, minus the full bar and the plush seats. The roof deck is open to everyone who wants to take in the impressive view of the city, day or night.

With sleek amenities, Kroma Tower is perfect for activities for indoor and outdoor environments for getting together, working out, and living it up. Kroma Tower carries a fitness center, multi-function fitness room, covered lounge, adult and kiddie swimming pool and a roof deck.

Amenity Podium Floor


  • Gym
  • Function Room
  • Covered Al Fresco Lounge
  • Male/female Changing Room


  • Kiddie Pool
  • Adult Pool
  • Pool Deck

Penthouse Floor Amenities


  • Enterprise Lounge


  • Roof deck
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